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Introduction to epilot

Epilot is a multi-tenant SaaS platform for complex ecommerce.

Our tenants use epilot to sell complex products online and collaborate with partners to deliver great ecommerce experiences to their end customers.


The epilot application consists of:

  • The main 360 portal app
  • Embeddable customer-facing journey frontends
  • End customer portal app
  • Serverless microservices exposed via APIs
  • Internal admin area

Tech Stack

The portal frontend is a single-page web application (SPA) consisting of multiple frontend microservices running on single-spa.

The majority of frontend microservices are written in React + Typescript.

The epilot application backend consists of serverless microservices behind APIs.

The majority of backend microservices are written in Typescript using serverless AWS services such as Lambda, Step Functions, API Gateway, S3, DynamoDB, EventBridge.

We still support some customers using the legacy version of epilot built on Axon Ivy. Ivy is a monolith Java application running on AWS EC2.

Tech Stack