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Pricing is one of the core topics built directly into the epilot ecosystem of applications and services. It comprises multiple concepts such as products, prices, taxes, orders, payments and more.

Within our 360 Portal we have built a nice set of UIs to help our customers model their products, prices and taxes. These interfaces are built to deliver a 1st class solution with the aim of enabling our users to search, filter and export/import their data freely. Due to this purpose, our interfaces are fully extendable and customizable. Which means that, all the attributes and features we provide are merely the start of many possible journeys.

All our pricing entities are fully extendable, therefore, on top of our opinionated set of attributes and features you can easy craft and add your own. And if you feel limited in any way, through webhooks you can easily extend the functionality of our pricing entities and build your own custom pricing logic over your corporate backends.

In this section, we will introduce the following concepts: