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We provide a JavaScript / TypeScript SDK with types and Intellisense support for developers building with epilot APIs.

Getting Started

Install the SDK

npm install --save epilot-sdk

Authorize a client module with an Access Token and call epilot APIs:

import { authorizeWithToken } from 'epilot-sdk/auth'
import entityClient from 'epilot-sdk/entity-client'

// See
authorizeWithToken(entityClient, '<my_access_token>')

// See
await entityClient.createEntity('contact', {
first_name: 'Example',
last_name: 'Contact',

SDK packages

The full SDK library is available both as a single package epilot-sdk for convenience, but also as separate dependencies:

import entityClient from 'epilot-sdk/entity-client'
import { getClient } from '@epilot/entity-client' // latest

You can view the full list of available API clients in our public GitHub repository: