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File Entity

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All files uploaded to epilot are represented as File Entities and available via the Entity API.

Access Control

The access control of the file is defined via the File entity.

The access_control attribute of a file can be set as either private (default) or public-read.

Whenever a File entity is created, updated or deleted, the underlying file's access control S3 is updated accordingly.

File Access Control

File Relations

When a file is attached to an entity, a new File Entity is created and stored as a relation on the parent entity.

A file can be attached to an entity via:

  • Upload through Files Tab
  • File Manager through Files Tab
  • Document Generation
  • File Attribute
  • Image Attribute

File Tab File Attributes


File entities can be updated with new versions.

By default, the latest version is used when the File entity is referred.

File Versions